Doug Smith’s Twelve Volume “Classical Guitar Method” Available Soon

Doug Smith, a co-founder of McNally Smith College of Music, is the author of the twelve-volume series “Doug Smith’s Classical Guitar Method” (McNally Smith College Press).  The series, which embodies a revolutionary approach to guitar instruction, will soon be available for purchase through  In addition to being an internationally renowned educator, Doug is a respected guitarist, lutist and composer.  His “Classical Guitar Method” series was developed over a period of more than two decades.

The twelve-volume series, which is already considered an outstanding tool for guitar instruction curricula, will be accompanied by training materials to aid instructors in most effectively teaching Smith’s methods.  In addition to memory-based learning, the materials are designed to develop music reading skills and include an extensive repertoire of Smith originals.  Doug Smith developed the series based on his teaching practices while serving on faculties at the University of Minnesota, MacPhail Center for the Arts, and McNally Smith College of Music (and its predecessor, Musictech).

Doug Smith has presented his methods throughout the United States and abroad.  From the late 1970s through the 1980s, Smith appeared at several prestigious conferences where early versions of his methods were enthusiastically received.  The professional organizations to which Smith presented included the Guitar Foundation of America, the Music Educators National Conference, the American String Teachers Guitar Division and the European Guitar Teachers Association.

Smith has placed particular importance on introducing the joy of making great music to new generations of young guitarists.  According to Smith, “During my presentations and workshops, I have emphasized the importance of teaching guitar to young children and have tried to set a standard for children’s guitar programs.  As a result of these efforts, many guitar teachers have become interested in teaching younger children and have initiated their own programs and approaches.  I find this particularly gratifying.”

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